Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Collection of Chocolate Induced Haiku

(Originally posted 1/17/2008, elsewhere)

on Saturday night
though I may be all alone
I feel like dancing

intelligent girls
with understated beauty
masquerade as nerds

things are what they are
love is never that simple
except when it is

stuff that is purple
is never as serious
as stuff that is not

These works of Haiku genius have been a means to occupy me in my current state of sleeplessness, which was induced by a too-late-at-night workout and one lousy piece of chocolate. I ate some dark chocolate this morning too, because I had to scrub the floors. So I decided to speak only French and eat dark chocolate and pretend I was a dethroned monarch forced into servitude. So much more romantic than cleaning the floor "because it was dirty." It's been a wierd day.


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