Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lover, Nurturer, Warrior

I know a woman who has figured out what it means to be a woman.
She isn’t perfect, and it doesn’t matter, because that isn’t the point. The point is that while I don’t always understand her, I see that she has figured out things that I know intellectually but cannot practically apply.
She is a woman, and she inspires her husband to be a man.
She is lovely, but she spends very little time in front of the mirror.
She shows weakness when I wouldn’t, but instead of being turned off by this, people feel compelled to support her, especially her husband. She shows strength when I couldn’t.
She chooses her battles very carefully, so when its time to fight, she has all her resources at her disposal.
She is sensual and gentle, warm and inviting, witty and intelligent. And she is a warrior.
She makes herself, her home, her life beautiful, but the endeavor is not such a high priority that it overshadows the improvement of her soul.
She is comfortable in her skin.
Her harsh words are reserved for the people and occasions that deserve it.
She is strong enough to protect herself, her children, even her husband but her presence does not emasculate, it edifies.
She knows herself, betters herself and feels comfortable alone.
She is not afraid to die.
She is not afraid to live.
She lives in the moment. She knows when to hold back, and when to throw caution to the wind. She is easily delighted and hard to offend. She is fiercely loyal to her family, her friends, herself and her God. She isn’t swayed by what people think of her. She knows what she likes, who she is and what she wants, but not to the exclusion of others’ needs.
If you meet her, you will learn things about yourself and the world. She is worldly but not cynical. She uses discretion, but she is not a prude. She is easy to get to know, but will continue to surprise you because she is always growing and learning.
She is a composite of several women I know, in fact, including a little of myself.
She is the woman I hope to be someday.
She is the antidote to the self inflicted downfall of femininity and chivalry.
She is Fanny Price, Princess Leia and the Proverbs 31 woman.
She is the best parts of my mother, my grandmothers, my friends and me. She is not the cure for every one of the world’s ailments, but she is salve for the wounds.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

10 Reasons Today Was a Good Day Though it Nearly Wasn't

1. I got a new kitchen garbage can, which I’ve needed for, oohh, about 4 years. But really friends, couldn’t you have let it go that I had one ghetto thing in my whole pretty house?
2. I’m on my like, 5th good hair day in a row. Its more than a record... its newsworthy. (God bless you Renee Goodbeer, you have a cool name AND magic scissors)
3. I finally got authorized to get my OWN in-home nebulizer (fancy word for a machine that allows me to survive asthma)! This is a big deal for me.
4. My mom gave me a bouquet of violets from her garden. The kind that look antique and smell like summer. Yummy.
5. I remembered to pay the car payment on time all by myself!!!
6. My son took a 2 hour nap.
7. I had my fifth good hair day in a row. If its newsworthy, it certainly merits two spaces on my top ten list.
8. I finished the Jane Austen biography written in "the King’s English" that I have had the hardest time sinking my teeth into.
9. My son gave me an unsolicited "I love you."
10. He also said a few different words and numbers in Spanish and Chinese and French, in addition to English. Not well, but he just turned two, so I feel like, (a) he might be brilliant and (b) I may not be a failure as a mother after all. (Although I mostly owe it to books in multiple languages and the "diverse" programming of Nick Jr. But still.) :)