Tuesday, April 1, 2008

10 Reasons Today Was a Good Day Though it Nearly Wasn't

1. I got a new kitchen garbage can, which I’ve needed for, oohh, about 4 years. But really friends, couldn’t you have let it go that I had one ghetto thing in my whole pretty house?
2. I’m on my like, 5th good hair day in a row. Its more than a record... its newsworthy. (God bless you Renee Goodbeer, you have a cool name AND magic scissors)
3. I finally got authorized to get my OWN in-home nebulizer (fancy word for a machine that allows me to survive asthma)! This is a big deal for me.
4. My mom gave me a bouquet of violets from her garden. The kind that look antique and smell like summer. Yummy.
5. I remembered to pay the car payment on time all by myself!!!
6. My son took a 2 hour nap.
7. I had my fifth good hair day in a row. If its newsworthy, it certainly merits two spaces on my top ten list.
8. I finished the Jane Austen biography written in "the King’s English" that I have had the hardest time sinking my teeth into.
9. My son gave me an unsolicited "I love you."
10. He also said a few different words and numbers in Spanish and Chinese and French, in addition to English. Not well, but he just turned two, so I feel like, (a) he might be brilliant and (b) I may not be a failure as a mother after all. (Although I mostly owe it to books in multiple languages and the "diverse" programming of Nick Jr. But still.) :)

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