Friday, June 5, 2009


This isn't exactly a full-scale "after" photo shoot, but my Mom had some fun while babysitting and took a few pictures of some of the finished areas in the new house. Actually, everything is really coming together, and I hope to post more soon, but I will very soon (like, within the next hundred hours) become a mother of two, so we may have to wait on another Grammy-photo session.

A small sampling of the trichromatic color scheme in our master bedroom. It was originally just black and white, but I decided to paint the walls yellow.... and I love it! Every morning when I wake up I appreciate the sunny, clean, graphic quality. I should really post more pics of this room, it might be my favorite so far.

A small scene from my living room. All of these sign letters are vintage, except for one. I'm hoping to collect lots and lots more, so keep your eyes open for me.

A painting from my son's room. The two small flags on the mast on the right are the signal flags for his initials. His room was probably too messy to get any other pictures, and truly, I still have a lot to do in there. I've been promising a "tent" for over his bed since we moved in. It's probably a 2 hour project, max, so I will deliver on that promise as soon as I can after the baby. It should be really cute.

This should give you a tiny idea of what has been keeping me so busy lately, other than springing back into action and trying to make the most of my time once the Doctor took me off of bedrest. The house is so nearly finished (on the inside anyway) that I can taste it. Can't wait to show off more!

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Mom said...

Oh it is so lovely! And such a wonderful post! Your Mother is such a wonderful photographer. ;) I really do love what you're doing! You know that. I love you, too, Honey!
Love, Mom