Monday, January 19, 2009


The long weekend is winding down, my newly THREE year old (as of today!) is sound asleep by 6:30, bless his heart and the house is very very quiet. In this room, its just me and SuperGirl (that's the baby girl swimming around in my tummy) wondering at the the peace that can be found in the white noise of the blowing heater and whirring computer. I'm exhausted, but for all good reasons.

We signed papers on the house today. It is big and lovely and open and airy... all the things a new house ought to be (in California anyway). I couldn't be happier, and yet for reasons I can attribute only to emotional overload and pregnancy hormones, I'm a bit of a teary wreck today.

Nevertheless -- it is our home. I can feel it. The bedrooms are cozy (read: small) but there are four of them, and the downstairs living area is decidedly not small, which is really where we'll spend the most of our time anyway. My especially favorite part is the kitchen and its bay windows, island, and openness, and the back yard, while small, is overflowing with potential in my imagination. The back yard is facing North, so it will be nice and shady when its hot outside. Halfway up the staircase it turns and there is a landing that has two sides facing out bordered with railing that Little Boy Blue has already stood upon and christened "The Tower" and so the tower it shall be.

So now the business of escrow and appraisals and inspections and papers, papers, papers to sign. But on Valentine's day, we'll have our new home. What could be more romantic?


Me! said...

I couldn't be happier for you! What a red-letter day! Congratulations! To all four of you. We bought our first house when I was pregnant with our second child, a daughter, too!

The Baker Family said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth! Valentine's day will come very soon for you!