Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Picks Palin: Better than a chick flick

I'm trying not to have a happiness induced stroke. This morning, Sen. McCain announced his running mate in Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. It came as a huge surprise to this campaign watcher, but a most welcome one. I was okay about the Pawlenty speculation, but am over the moon with this unexpected turn. I can't help but be excited to have a woman gracing our presidential ticket, a fact that I hope will not be lost in this already historic election. But mostly, she represents the conservative ideals but also has a history of standing up to the old guard in her own party when it was necessary, which puts her way over the top in the pro-column for me.

I'm holding back on writing a a full-size post on the virtues of the McCain/Palin ticket because political-punditting isn't my strength, but on a personal level, I couldn't be more excited and optimistic about our chances. Oh yeah, and chicks who wear glasses are taking over the world. Finally.

I have to go do cartwheels now.


Sam said...

I am just as thrilled as you, you know. I am proud to say that McCain was my choice in the early primaries and that Palin was my choice on the 25 person short list a few months ago. This is about as good as it gets, politically speaking. Also, SNL is going to need to bring Tina Faye back full-time for the next four year, because honestly, who in the world is better suited to play Palin in a skit?

Elizabeth said...

It's true, brother, you were an early McCain adopter, even before I jumped headlong onto the bandwagon. I remember getting excited about Palin's position on the short list too, but thinking it was too much of a long shot. Such a lovely surprise.

And yes, Tina Fey was born to play this woman. A match made in heaven.